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  1. The prosecution's theory was that the motive was money.
  2. One reason is the theory explained so much, so simply.
  3. One theory says more than Belle's weapon is corked.
  4. What are the circumstances of the discovery that fuels this theory?
  5. -- Theories about discipline, TV, visitors and snacks.
  6. It's difficult to find theory in a sentence.
  7. Stimulate use, the theory goes, and sales will follow.
  8. Most people here were pleased that the jury rejected that theory.
  9. The Oklahoma-Football-As-Brain-Surgery Theory.
  10. For decades, scientists have interpreted the theories of Albert Einstein.
  11. "We're not reacting against theory,"
  12. Detectives have no reigning theory as to why Gregory was killed.
  13. Ummmm, let's see how the conspiracy theory fits:
  14. My theory is I trade the old guys for young guys.
  15. Those are issues much more difficult in theory than in reality,
  16. The validity of most cosmic theories depends on solving the mystery.
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