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  1. Police theorize it might have been a drive-by shooting.
  2. Some British observers theorized that Benn had grown gun-shy.
  3. There's only one real flaw in all this theorizing.
  4. Most likely a result of the spore discharge, he theorized.
  5. Theorizing, they say, is elemental in virtually all investigations.
  6. It's difficult to find theorize in a sentence.
  7. Such a theorized collapse is referred to as the Big Crunch.
  8. Renner theorized that just being visited may help a patient heal.
  9. Some researchers theorize that genes for diabetes once protected against starvation.
  10. But tourism professionals say the academics can theorize all they want.
  11. The concept of artificial intelligence was first theorized by Alan Turing.
  12. Not exactly the kind of economic theorizing that wins Nobel prizes.
  13. Some doctors theorized that PPA caused strokes by raising blood pressure.
  14. No theorizing or explaining can make a joke funny or not.
  15. After all that energetic theorizing, where did we end up?
  16. They theorize that using the miniature swine would minimize the risk.
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