the wharf in a sentence

"the wharf" in Chinese  
  1. The Swedish krona with recurring devaluations raised import prices for the wharf.
  2. As the sun set, there was near-pandemonium on the wharf in Dili.
  3. A monument to her accomplishment was erected near the wharf in Alma.
  4. Banana trucks were cleared out off the wharf and the buying began.
  5. The controversy began when Seoul's plan to build the wharf became public.
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  7. The towpath starts on the western bank soon after the wharf area,
  8. In 1902 a railway spur was built to service the wharf directly.
  9. The deck of the wharf was often used for parking import vehicles.
  10. There he is, bellying up to the bar at The Wharf Rat.
  11. One of the wharfs was later to be used for a Brickworks.
  12. The failure of the wharf was only one indication of depressed times.
  13. The Wharf Theatre is in an old warehouse on the same site.
  14. The wharf has since again become part of the Sydney Ferries network.
  15. There was no Capt . Butler waiting for her at the wharf.
  16. But the Wharf Rats remain the best known of all of them.
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