the waiter in a sentence

"the waiter" in Chinese  
  1. What captivated Hilary Hahn were the waiters whizzing by on roller skates.
  2. A pitcher of ice tea arrives and she thanks the waiter graciously.
  3. You want to leave and the waiter is nowhere to be found.
  4. Flag down the waiter wandering nearby and ask for a menu.
  5. Then she told the waiter how much she liked the blintzes.
  6. It's difficult to find the waiter in a sentence.
  7. The waiters rushed to a nearby store to fetch the booze.
  8. Dean tells the waiter before he turns to me and smiles.
  9. Next the waiter stands before us holding a big black casserole.
  10. The person who books the waiters and waitresses is a woman.
  11. And when a fancy new hotel opened, DF interviewed the waiters.
  12. The waiter says that the restaurant does not have fresh fish.
  13. Menus are in English and German and the waiters are bilingual.
  14. The waiter found a bottle of beer and one of water.
  15. The waiter serving brandy, wine and solace is also a Muslim.
  16. The waiter brought a cake and sang happy birthday to me.
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