the wait is over in a sentence

  1. But in America now, it seems the wait is over.
  2. After what seemed like an eternity, the wait is over.
  3. GOLD RUSH : The wait is over for 20 more Olympic champions.
  4. For now, though, the wait is over.
  5. Many families seem relieved that the wait is over.
  6. It's difficult to find the wait is over in a sentence.
  7. And they all are glad the wait is over.
  8. The wait is over : " High Society " has arrived.
  9. For Cheryl Scroggins, the wait is over.
  10. The wait is over, they called out.
  11. So now the wait is over and people are eager to see what happens.
  12. So the wait is over for Davis.
  13. The wait is over for Jeremy Roenick.
  14. The wait is over _ kinda.
  15. Finally, the wait is over.
  16. Well, the wait is over.
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