the wain in a sentence

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  1. The 4-bar linkages were also used on the Wain-Roy backhoes after 1954.
  2. "The wains ( kids ) who died would have come up to my knee, " he says.
  3. The Wain River forest reserve has not been spared, only 3, 500 hectares of 10, 000 hectares remain.
  4. The true development of the backhoe actually began in 1947 by the inventors that started the Wain-Roy Corporation of Hubbardston, Massachusetts.
  5. After the two men locate Penny, suffering moderate injuries at the shipyard, Murray sets up a makeshift hospital at the Wains'house.
  6. It's difficult to find the wain in a sentence.
  7. Although Wain-Roy Corporation no longer exists, the Wain Roy product line of backhoe attachments and couplers is still available through the Woods Equipment Company of Rockford, Illinois, US.
  8. It just sounds too darn refined and archaic, a leftover from the era of " Fain would the swain have lain in the wain " rather than true 20th-century talk.
  9. Speaking in early April to officials of the local Environmental Impact Management Agency and Vico Indonesia, Smits said, " Maybe Pertamina ( the state oil company ), which is very dependent on the Wain, and other parties can join and do what must be done here.
  10. As of the beginning of the new school year in 2012, the six houses will be split into two parts of the school, each part made up of three houses ( one from each color . ) These two sections are to be renamed the Wains and the Gels.

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