the wagon in a sentence

"the wagon" meaning  
  1. In the corridors, his fellow senators were circling the wagons.
  2. The box, or bed of the wagon, is new.
  3. It made the owners circle the wagons around their antitrust exemptions.
  4. Nevertheless, the anniversary's centerpiece is the wagon train.
  5. The old buck is what's pulling the wagon everywhere.
  6. It's difficult to find the wagon in a sentence.
  7. The women and children did not get down from the wagon.
  8. But the boy was inexperienced and nearly tipped the wagon over.
  9. The wagon train plods slowly, resolutely across the untamed West.
  10. The wagons are expected to be a big hit for Saturn.
  11. The difference is that they get right back on the wagon.
  12. Tonight, Lu fears her mom has fallen off the wagon.
  13. Reeling Jayhawks circle the wagons, get much-needed victory.
  14. Like the sedan, the wagon has rear-wheel drive.
  15. The wagons were 10 deep at a time at the registers.
  16. Darby said Shell is " circling the wagons ."
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