the very thing in a sentence

"the very thing" meaning  "the very thing" in Chinese  
  1. The very thing that seems most dangerous is actually where safety lies.
  2. The greatness of the movie is the very thing they're resisting ."
  3. Over time, they became the very thing they were created to oppose.
  4. I think it's the very thing that keeps it from violating copyright.
  5. But the very things that make it lucrative also make it difficult.
  6. It's difficult to find the very thing in a sentence.
  7. The very thing you object to is what I have objected to.
  8. The very thing that is working for Bush now ultimately will fail.
  9. He does the very thing that I would like to do,
  10. I told him that was the very thing that made me feel alive,
  11. This was the very thing I had been looking for ".
  12. The Stuka depended on air superiority, the very thing being contested over Britain.
  13. Now they're forced to make changes on the very thing they invented ."
  14. And the very thing that makes us powerful is what makes us vulnerable.
  15. The very thing that brought the warmer weather also reduced visibility,
  16. "She's opposing the very things we always thought she was for.
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