the very idea in a sentence

"the very idea" meaning  "the very idea" in Chinese  
  1. It makes a mockery of the very idea of civic tradition.
  2. Ms . Berlin said, looking shocked at the very idea.
  3. The very idea of artistic quality has become open to question.
  4. For some, the very idea of an apology was offensive.
  5. Who doesn't squirm at the very idea of it?
  6. It's difficult to find the very idea in a sentence.
  7. But the very idea of it is, well, creepy.
  8. And complex tax issues threaten the very idea of a breakup.
  9. Bitterness _ and fear _ mock the very idea of negotiation.
  10. For many, the very idea of contemporary architecture is unfamiliar.
  11. The very idea of an ethical committee in science is unacceptable.
  12. Indeed, he says he opposes the very idea of monarchy.
  13. The very idea of having such classes is upsetting some parents.
  14. The very idea of a bridge is an act of faith.
  15. The very idea of winning and losing debates here is abhorrent.
  16. The very idea of a university is to be open,
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