the tide is high in a sentence

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  1. A one-way trip when the tide is high takes about 15 minutes.
  2. "The Tide Is High " and " Rapture ."
  3. The tide is high, and the groove is on.
  4. "Rapture " and " The Tide Is High ."
  5. When the tide is high, sea water can flow through the bars and overflow the confinement.
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  7. The album also features a re-recorded version of the song " The Tide Is High ".
  8. "The Tide Is High " was reggae.
  9. "Rapture " and " The Tide is High, " made Blondie an icon for generations to come.
  10. During " The Tide Is High,"
  11. With " The Tide Is High,"
  12. On the modern side, there's a playful Spanish reworking of " The Tide Is High, " her current single.
  13. The series spans over two decades ending in the early 1990 s at the conclusion of The Tide is High.
  14. New attempts will be made late Friday when the tide is high and the weather is expected to be calmer.
  15. If you are staying there, however, that is not a problem as the tide is high two times every 24 hours.
  16. "Rapture " and " The Tide Is High " made Blondie among the most commercially successful bands to emerge from the punk rock scene.
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