the endowed school in a sentence

  1. Thomas Botfield, the younger, was educated at the endowed school of Cleobury Mortimer.
  2. The new name reflected the Endowed School's history, referring to the endowments it had received.
  3. It was presented to Caerleon Town Council and erected next to the Endowed School, Caerleon in 1977.
  4. Between 1899 and 1908 it played an influential part in obtaining security of tenure for assistant teachers through the Endowed Schools Act.
  5. Meredith practised as a barrister at the Four Courts until 1878, when he was appointed secretary to the Endowed Schools Commission.
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  7. The houses are named after notable people within the founding of both the Endowed Schools and the social architecture of Loughborough town centre.
  8. In 1874 Meiklejohn was appointed as assistant commissioner to the endowed schools commission for Scotland, and made educational suggestions in its report.
  9. Zouch was a governor of Wakefield school from 14 June 1799 to 13 May 1805, and he founded the endowed school at Sandal.
  10. In the double capacity of governor and secretary he did much towards promoting the success of the scheme of the endowed schools at Stamfordham.
  11. The son was educated at the endowed school of New Ross, and entered Trinity College, Dublin, as a pensioner in November 1810.
  12. All three of the Endowed Schools are autonomous, and yet they share the same vision and educational ethos, supported by a united board of governors.
  13. He also wrote and spoke in favour of the Elementary Education Act 1870 of William Edward Forster, and was an active member of the Endowed Schools Commission.
  14. The writer, poet and miniature portrait painter Mary Matilda Betham, daughter of William Betham, the headmaster of the endowed school, was born in Stonham Aspal in 1776 and raised there.
  15. Old school building, constructed 1876The school was reorganised in the 1870s, following the Endowed Schools Act 1869 . The group of Trustees that had run the school since its foundation was replaced by a Board of Governors.
  16. From 1870 he supported the disestablishment of the Welsh Church, in 1873 moved an anti-clerical amendment to the Endowed Schools Act and from 1883 he moved annual resolutions in favour of disestablishment of the Anglican church in Wales.
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