the endorser in a sentence

"the endorser" in Chinese  
  1. Michael has blazed a new path for the athlete as the endorser,
  2. Taiwanese actress Annie Liu is the endorser for Kee Wah Chinese Bridal Cakes.
  3. He was also launched as one of the endorsers of TRESemm?in the Philippines.
  4. Look what you have to do to be half the endorser Michael Jordan is,
  5. The band has been the endorser of Suzuki for 2 consecutive years since 2012.
  6. It's difficult to find the endorser in a sentence.
  7. This would include the endorser on a bill of exchange.
  8. "The idea is : ` Don't trust the endorser.
  9. Lu Han has became the endorsers of several products, such as Baidu Maps, Cartier SA.
  10. "If you're half the endorser Michael Jordan is, you're still second-best in the world ."
  11. "If anything, its a cosmetic issue versus the endorser, " said Converse spokeswoman Jennifer Murray.
  12. The youthfulness of the endorsers is no accident.
  13. The endorsers are members of the discussion groups.
  14. He also said that the voters'will only base their votes via the endorsers of the candidate.
  15. Hong Kong actor Eric Tsang is the endorser for Kee Wah Mooncake and Kee Gift Series.
  16. Tanfelix is one of the endorsers of BUM Equipment, CKK Mobile, Mc Donald's TechnoMarine and Calayan Clinics.
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