the courage in a sentence

  1. Let us therefore all have the courage to affirm this publicly.
  2. Monica Seles : The courage to step into the spotlight again.
  3. Ryan said he was humbled by the courage of his parishioners.
  4. What breaks your heart is the courage of these little ones,
  5. But she has not mustered the courage to tell him yet.
  6. It's difficult to find the courage in a sentence.
  7. He praised the courage of the young men he had treated.
  8. It shows that if you have the courage of your convictions.
  9. Like the courage needed to open yourself to intimacy with another.
  10. But Sony always has had the courage of its technological convictions.
  11. Where did she find the courage to do what she did?
  12. You have to have poise and the courage to overcome adversity.
  13. We are people who have shown the courage of our convictions,
  14. Instead, she mustered the courage and enrolled in Pittsburg State.
  15. So finally I had the courage to call it a book.
  16. Eight portends thinking big and having the courage of your convictions.
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