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  1. In 2000, Johnson wrote the film " The Courage to Love " for Lifetime Television.
  2. Charmingly, it asserts that finding the courage to love, and in doing so reclaiming your life, is a political act, too.
  3. She was inspired by her mother's statement, " I can't believe I've found a man who has the courage to love me ".
  4. MIRA has also honored " The Courage to Love, " a Lifetime TV cable movie starring Vanessa Williams as the founder of the Sisters of the Holy Family, and the short-lived ABC series " Nothing Sacred ."
  5. The ecumenical gathering " The Courage to Love " was held as part of the campaign on August 21, 2011, before an audience of 3, 000 people attended the event at the Caesarea amphitheater, with the event broadcast to over a thousand churches, mostly in the United States.
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  7. In August 2015, actress Vanessa Williams, who produced the 2000 television movie " The Courage to Love ", about Henriette Delille, was a guest at a gala at the Hyatt Regency, New Orleans to raise funds for the health care and retirement needs of the elderly Sisters, as well as to the support of the religious order s long-standing ministries.

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