the courage to heal in a sentence

  1. She has also written many non-fiction books, including " The Courage To Heal " which has sold about a million copies as of 2008.
  2. Subsequent editions renamed the phenomenon " sadistic ritual abuse " . " The Courage to Heal " was part of the vision that childhood sexual abuse could be discovered with no corroborating evidence beyond a vague set of symptoms.
  3. Her nonfiction books include " I Never Told Anyone, Free Your Mind ", and " The Courage to Heal ", which has sold over a million copies and has been translated into twelve languages.
  4. Ms . Bass began offering workshops in Santa Cruz to help women heal from the effects of childhood sexual abuse, and published another book The Courage to Heal ( heavily criticized for contributing to the epidemic of false memory syndrome in the 1980s and 90s ).
  5. Ellen Bass is a feminist writer and critic, perhaps best known outside literary circles for her popular non-fiction book " The Courage to Heal : A Guide for Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse ", which she co-wrote with Laura Davis.
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  7. Loftus also stated that " All roads on the search for popular writings inevitably lead to [ the book ] " . " The Courage to Heal " encourages the use of strategies such as guided imagery to access and attempting to elaborate details and emotions and discouraging individuals from questioning the memories recovered.
  8. But Fine's rabble-rousing is so banal ( " You and I need to have the courage to heal on the next level " ) that you don't believe anyone could be " mesmerized, " or that Paula, watching a crowd of listeners, would feel " a shiver " of fear.
  9. Elizabeth Loftus, an award-winning researcher on memory, stated that the book was certainly very comforting to individuals living with memories of abuse, but questioned the effect it would have on people who do not have such memories, and suggested " The Courage to Heal " may be one of many sources of false memories for some individuals.
  10. The original edition of the book contained an influential chapter discussing satanic ritual abuse ( though satanic ritual abuse is now considered a moral panic, the case specifically discussed in " The Courage to Heal " is that of Judith Spencer, which has since been discredited ) and the discredited autobiography " Michelle Remembers "-citing the latter approvingly along with other alleged survivor stories of satanic ritual abuse.
  11. Ellen Bass and Laura Davis, co-authors of " The Courage to Heal " ( 1988 ), are described as " champions of survivorship " by Frederick Crews, who considers Freud the key influence upon them, although in his view they are indebted not to classic psychoanalysis but to " the pre-psychoanalytic Freud . . . who supposedly took pity on his hysterical patients, found that they were all harboring memories of early abuse . . . and cured them by unknotting their repression . " Crews sees Freud as having anticipated the recovered memory movement by emphasizing " mechanical cause-and-effect relations between symptomatology and the premature stimulation of one body zone or another ", and with pioneering its " technique of thematically matching a patient's symptom with a sexually symmetrical'memory .'" Crews believes that Freud's confidence in accurate recall of early memories anticipates the theories of recovered memory therapists such as Lenore Terr, which in his view have led to people being wrongfully imprisoned or involved in litigation.

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