the courage to dream in a sentence

"the courage to dream" in Chinese  
  1. Have the courage to dream and success will come to you.
  2. I didn't have the courage to dream that dream.
  3. I give them the courage to dream again.
  4. Included are the courage to dream, to see reality, to confront, to be confronted and to learn to grow.
  5. MUNCIE, Indiana ( AP ) _ Deaf actress Marlee Matlin said having the courage to dream helped her overcome her disability.
  6. It's difficult to find the courage to dream in a sentence.
  7. Other premier scholars of city parking do not give Angelus'idea much of a shot, though they congratulate him for the courage to dream.
  8. He was an ordinary man with the courage to dream impossible dreams and then make them come true, said Yvonne B . Burke, a Los Angeles County supervisor.

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