the coupling in a sentence

"the coupling" in Chinese  
  1. The couple seemed uncertain of whether to try their luck again.
  2. The couple are renting the house out this year with trepidation.
  3. The couple was arrested July 9 and was indicted July 20.
  4. Authorities said they believe the couple was shot sometime on Friday.
  5. The couple say they had lost four previous children in Yemen.
  6. It's difficult to find the coupling in a sentence.
  7. The couple had struggled to convince the public of their sincerity.
  8. The couple raise hackles within the movement as often as outside.
  9. They then will give the couple the keys to the house.
  10. The couple had struggled to handle the death of their firstborn.
  11. The couples soon discovered they had a lot more in common.
  12. The couple would have celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary this year.
  13. The couple also received an autograph from Fleiss with their purchase.
  14. The body was found several days later and the couple arrested.
  15. The couple would have liked to install elaborate new parquet floors.
  16. The two sections are then joined by screwing the couplings together.
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