the county in a sentence

"the county" in Chinese  
  1. The county filed suit in federal court shortly after and lost.
  2. Merrill obtained the documents from the county through the discovery process.
  3. It was dry in most of the rest of the county.
  4. He estimates there are about five such locations in the county.
  5. The county is the safety net in the health care system.
  6. It's difficult to find the county in a sentence.
  7. The president should consider resigning for the good of the county.
  8. It returns teacher salaries to among the highest in the county.
  9. That would be viewed as a black mark against the county.
  10. She also got money to expand the county crime laboratory staff.
  11. We still have to cut a deal with the county executive.
  12. The counties had reaped big returns for their more risky investments.
  13. Today the county painted the curbs yellow to signify no parking.
  14. Did the county get a buy on signs nobody else wanted?
  15. This was a critical thing for the county to give up.
  16. The county has sued him for intending to break the lease.
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