the compass in a sentence

"the compass" in Chinese  
  1. The data taking is divided into the COMPASS I and II phases.
  2. Each ring has one peg hole at each point of the compass.
  3. The Compass Center on South Washington Street was one of the tragedies.
  4. Reversing the compass is a small act, but it has huge consequences.
  5. Their weapons are the scorp and gutter adz and the compass plane.
  6. It's difficult to find the compass in a sentence.
  7. Around the globe are eight large stone blocks that represent the compass.
  8. The compasses also are available from specialty retailers such as Sharper Image.
  9. The Riddle of the Compass : The Invention that Changed the World,
  10. But just what are the compasses that companies'leaders should be using now?
  11. Tapping involves lightly touching the Compass card flat against a card reader.
  12. The runway can just be seen to the left of the Compass.
  13. I have attempted to clarify the compass system in " Gameplay ".
  14. Emma and Mary Margaret take the compass and jump into the portal.
  15. There are four gates which roughly correspond the points of the compass.
  16. The Compass Group : http : / / www . compass-usa . com
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