the breaking point in a sentence

"the breaking point" meaning  "the breaking point" in Chinese  
  1. And what constitutes the breaking point for both types ? 900 words.
  2. The System : The American Way of Politics at the Breaking Point
  3. Assertions to the contrary stretch WP : AGF beyond the breaking point.
  4. We kept pushing and pushing and they finally reached the breaking point.
  5. The Law of Prairial was the breaking point for opponents of Robespierre.
  6. It's difficult to find the breaking point in a sentence.
  7. And finally it just got to the breaking point on March 28.
  8. Judges, lawyers and defendants say the system is at the breaking point.
  9. The roles they had settled into become strained to the breaking point.
  10. It is like a rubber band being stretched to the breaking point.
  11. An important strand in the safety net was near the breaking point.
  12. Granted, baseball abused its customers to the breaking point and beyond.
  13. The event was the breaking point for the states Democratic party.
  14. From all indications, she did push King to the breaking point.
  15. They tighten and focus things that others might stretch past the breaking point.
  16. Two plot threads intersect to push Wade to the breaking point.
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