the almighty in a sentence

"the almighty" meaning  "the almighty" in Chinese  
  1. The Almighty then released two further albums before again disbanding in 2001.
  2. When you are weak you think only the Almighty can bring justice.
  3. He had been given a dispensation by the Almighty to hurt people.
  4. May the Almighty God continue to bless his soul forever more Amen.
  5. And only the Almighty will know how to move away from it.
  6. It's difficult to find the almighty in a sentence.
  7. Before the almighty tax table, my accomplishments fade to dollars and cents.
  8. Nigeria is wonderfully endowed by the Almighty with human and other resources,
  9. They died after worshiping and paying respects to the Almighty in Jerusalem.
  10. That can be done only through the ultimate mercy of the almighty.
  11. This hymn opposes the Almighty and both characters are played by Khalsa.
  12. What in the name of the almighty Bowl Alliance is going on?
  13. I have been forgiven by my wife and family and the Almighty.
  14. She died after Shannon said " My power comes from the Almighty!
  15. Does the Almighty really sort out the saved by checking resumes?
  16. How will you keep your life from being circumscribed by the almighty Box?
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