the aforementioned in a sentence

"the aforementioned" in Chinese  
  1. Critics will argue that the aforementioned quarterbacks were great college players.
  2. Crying Man lands in the aforementioned nuclear-winter San Francisco.
  3. Gone will be the aforementioned hack / slash / gouge shot.
  4. Cruising isn't allowed, except by the aforementioned alligators.
  5. Instead, Johnson had confined his focus to the aforementioned two.
  6. It's difficult to find the aforementioned in a sentence.
  7. There is no evidence to substantiate any charge of the aforementioned.
  8. It's a tweaked version of the aforementioned operating system.
  9. Unfortunately for Bob fans, the aforementioned auction closed in August.
  10. But he would be unavailable if the aforementioned situation plays out.
  11. With the aforementioned series and " 7th Heaven,"
  12. The aforementioned bit involving the gas poisoning is a particular doozy.
  13. Flash forward three years to the aforementioned summer of'58.
  14. And then there was the aforementioned, anything-goes pankration.
  15. The last of the aforementioned can often be a dangerous move.
  16. The four stars posed with a lemur and the aforementioned wallaby.
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