the accused in a sentence

"the accused" in Chinese  
  1. The accused admits to firing four shotgun blasts into his pickup truck
  2. The accused leaders were held incommunicado in American custody until Wednesday.
  3. All of the accused had denied membership in a terrorist group.
  4. Two of the accused officers quit, two were handed suspensions without
  5. The report listed an alias for the accused : Shakespeare Lady.
  6. It's difficult to find the accused in a sentence.
  7. The accused killer has a toy fire truck in his closet.
  8. I therefore find both the accused guilty as per the charge,
  9. None of the accused are on U . S . soil.
  10. In the second trial three will sit on the accused bench,
  11. The accused is found guilty on each of the two charges.
  12. There is a chance that the accused will never stand trial.
  13. There should be no obstacles made in communicating with the accused,
  14. The rights group said it neither supports nor opposes the accused.
  15. It cannot be determined exactly what the accused intended to do,
  16. The archdiocese has yet to exonerate any of the accused priests.
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