the academi in a sentence

  1. Sometimes she dedicated poems to those she had met at the Academi of the Incogniti.
  2. She is an elected Fellow of the Learned Society of Wales and of the Academi Gymreig ( the Welsh Academy ).
  3. On 1 April 2011, the Academi changed its title to Literature Wales, simultaneously merging with the writers'centre Tw Newydd.
  4. The Academi Regulatory and Compliance team won the 2012 " National Law Journal "'s Corporate Compliance Office of the Year Award.
  5. The Academi was initially formed as a Welsh language society in 1959, following a public discussion between Tony Curtis ( 1984 87 ), Gillian Clarke ( 1987 1993 ) and Sally Roberts Jones ( 1993 1997 ).
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  7. Funded for the project, which cost ?00, 000, came from the Literature Wales ( formerly known as " the Academi " ), University of Wales Press and also from the Arts Council of Wales lottery funding.
  8. The Academi has been constitutionally independent since 1978 and took on an enlarged role in 1998 when it was reformed as a single organisation operating through two languages and won the Arts Council of Wales'franchise to provide the national literature support service for Wales.
  9. Y Lolfa published " Llyfr y Ganrif " ( " The Book of the Century " ) in association with the National Library of Wales in 1999, and won the Academi Welsh Book of the Year prize for three consecutive years.
  10. In 1985 Tomos won a prize from the Academi Gymreig for her novel " Yma o Hyd ", about prison life, a life she herself experienced when she was imprisoned at Risley Prison for her actions whilst campaigning for the Welsh language.
  11. The Academi Board of Directors includes former Attorney General John Ashcroft, former White House Counsel and Vice Presidential Chief of Staff Jack Quinn, retired Admiral and former Director of the National Security Agency Bobby Ray Inman, and Texas businessman Red McCombs, who serves as Chairman of the Board.
  12. Her third collection " Self-Portrait in the Dark " was published in 2008 and shortlisted for the Poetry Now Award in 2009 . It includes the poem " Self-Portrait in a Broken Wing-Mirror " that won the Academi Cardiff International Poetry Competition in 2007.

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