the acacias in a sentence

  1. Charles and Frances are interred at the Acacia Mausoleum near Seattle.
  2. Vivian McCarthy, director of the Acacia, told the Press Association.
  3. He was buried at the Acacia Park Cemetery in Chicago, Illinois.
  4. Bleeding Through co-headlined along with Impending Doom, The Acacia Strain.
  5. The Acacia Strain is currently signed to Rise Records.
  6. It's difficult to find the acacias in a sentence.
  7. Jack Strong remains the bassist for The Acacia Strain.
  8. "Look in the acacia, at 11 o'clock,"
  9. In summer, people can enjoy wind surfing and boating in the acacia fragrance.
  10. To the south are visible the acacia woodlands.
  11. The ant and the acacia exemplify a coevolution of a evolutionary ecologist Daniel Janzen.
  12. As with many of the acacias, it forms attractive yellow flowers in spring.
  13. Open grasslands, the acacia savannah and the Usangu plains abound in the park.
  14. Hand signed six extended play releases to the Acacia Records label from the duo.
  15. Before joining All That Remains, she was bassist in the band The Acacia Strain.
  16. While at the university, he was among the founding members of the Acacia Fraternity.
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