the abyssinian in a sentence

  1. There are many theories regarding the beginning of the Abyssinian civilisation.
  2. The Bazin people were under the protection of the Abyssinian Empire.
  3. Castro during a Sunday speech at the Abyssinian Baptist Church.
  4. Sultan Jamal continued to advance further into the Abyssinian heartland.
  5. Mansur b . religious war against the Abyssinian'infidel'".
  6. It's difficult to find the abyssinian in a sentence.
  7. The walia ibex is also known as the Abyssinian ibex.
  8. The Abyssinians consider whites a lower order and take them as slaves.
  9. A . Acidanthera bicolor, the Abyssinian gladiolus, is now Gladiolus callianthus.
  10. The Abyssinians have also used Amharic most notably in the song Satta Massagana.
  11. Gordon, seeing that the Abyssinian difficulty could wait, proceeded to Khartoum.
  12. Hoare and Laval were accused of betraying the Abyssinians, and both resigned.
  13. The Abyssinians subsequently retook the Amhara plateau and recouped their losses against Adal.
  14. The Abyssinian was the cultural center for African-Americans in southern Maine.
  15. He was a parishioner of the Abyssinian Baptist Church.
  16. The structure was purchased by the Abyssinian Development Corporation.
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