the abyss in a sentence

"the abyss" in Chinese  
  1. The two residents had apparently been executed and thrown into the abyss.
  2. It can jump into the abyss or it can finish this business.
  3. Two beasts sent by the devil are coming out of the abyss.
  4. They want to throw the Chechen people into the abyss of war,
  5. Have we not reached in a headlong plunge the abyss of pain?
  6. It's difficult to find the abyss in a sentence.
  7. (TSR, $ 23 . 99 . ) A fiend from the Abyss
  8. Burma is later revealed to be under the control of the Abyss.
  9. Their painful tears flooded into the abyss and formed Sayram Lake ."
  10. That is the abyss from which there is no return . }}
  11. His seemingly bizarre leap into the abyss is virtually unprecedented in sports.
  12. Both sides clearly have gotten a glimpse of the abyss of war.
  13. It seemed the bottom of the abyss was almost within reach.
  14. Gil remains loyal to Oz during his time in the Abyss.
  15. But we all live on the abyss, all of the time.
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