the absurds in a sentence

"the absurds" in Chinese  
  1. The Cowboys have survived a close encounter of the absurd kind.
  2. I always admired Royko's matchless sense of the absurd.
  3. In the politics of the absurd, the clown is king.
  4. They can do theater of the absurd for fun and profit.
  5. Charles Dean finds the humor in the absurd and ineffectual parson.
  6. It's difficult to find the absurds in a sentence.
  7. After all, this is boxing, theater for the absurd.
  8. At times, the prohibition appeared to border on the absurd.
  9. A front-row ticket to the theater of the absurd.
  10. A constant awareness of the absurd carbonates Geoghegan's writing.
  11. At times, the succession speculation has bordered on the absurd.
  12. The Shelton holdout has turned into the theater of the absurd.
  13. There is a lot of the theater of the absurd here.
  14. Theater of the absurd, TV of the ridiculous, whatever.
  15. But then I thought about the absurd death of Maurizio Gucci,
  16. In these essays Camus reflects on the experience of the Absurd.
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