the abstract in a sentence

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  1. The mosaics range from the abstract and ethereal to the political.
  2. The abstract graffiti of Aaron Siskind was done first by Weston.
  3. The abstract faceless pile of numbers dehumanizes the children once again.
  4. In the abstract, at least, it seemed simple enough.
  5. I find the abstract concept inherent in beach glass very appealing.
  6. It's difficult to find the abstract in a sentence.
  7. Ms . Katzen also studied with the abstract painter Hans Hoffman.
  8. It is easy to be for harsh measures in the abstract.
  9. There would be nothing wrong with all this in the abstract.
  10. At 6 or 7, this is all in the abstract,
  11. "I don't like the abstract,"
  12. He was 84 and had founded the abstract expressionist art movement.
  13. The original paper provides several different constructions of the abstract concept.
  14. When expressing the abstract nature of computing science, he wrote,
  15. The abstract idea of Fredholm operator is derived from this connection.
  16. Halstead drew lyrical inspiration from the abstract nature of the music.
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