the abstinence in a sentence

  1. Peer teaching is a feature of most of the abstinence contracts.
  2. Fasting requires the abstinence from food, drink and sexual activity.
  3. Her boyfriend of a year and a half shares the abstinence view.
  4. Should the abstinence-only approach be taught to teenagers?
  5. Fleischer singled out the abstinence issue to explain the chasm.
  6. It's difficult to find the abstinence in a sentence.
  7. And the abstinence movement is growing, both in churches and secular groups.
  8. What the abstinence movement needed was some help from the health care profession.
  9. Good news for the abstinence movement, right?
  10. The abstinence rate at six months, the researchers found, was 20 percent.
  11. Hester said he has sensed a broadening notion of purity in the abstinence movement.
  12. At this point he was a pledged teetotaller and supporter of the Abstinence Movement.
  13. After seeking help for her raging libido problems, Chastity joins the Abstinence Club.
  14. Ms . Morris is trying to give the abstinence group all kinds of positive reinforcement.
  15. Anyone connected with the abstinence movement would never say it's enough ."
  16. The abstinence is intended to downplay one's physical needs and focus instead on spirituality.
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