the absolute sound in a sentence

  1. He is also a long-term contributor to the American hi-fi magazine, " The Absolute Sound ".
  2. Spurred on by magazines like Stereophile, The Absolute Sound and Fi, the auteurs of audio aimed to recreate the sound of live music.
  3. Andrew Quint of " The Absolute Sound " described the sound as " vivid, highly detailed, and dynamic " as well as avoiding " digital steeliness ".
  4. "The Absolute Sound " called the album " brilliant " and " near-perfect ", saying that it was better than the band's previous works.
  5. The diminutive BBC speaker has amassed an " enthusiastic, focused, and & # 8230; loyal following ", according to Paul Seydor in " The Absolute Sound ".
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  7. In fact, the collectors'market was shaped by the early advocacy of Harry Pearson, editor of The Absolute Sound magazine, who began running regular features about these recordings 15 years ago.
  8. Perhaps more surprising, The Absolute Sound, which went out of business in March 1997 after all but coining the term high end, is back, with a new publisher and new financing.
  9. Data gleaned from these double-blind tests is not accepted by some " audiophile " magazines such as " Stereophile " and " The Absolute Sound " in their evaluations of audio equipment.
  10. Many of their high-end " Classic Series " designs have received favorable reviews in audiophile publications, including " The Absolute Sound ", " Stereophile " and " Soundstage ! ".
  11. "When you sit down and listen to digital, you get tired, " insisted Frank Doris, managing editor of The Absolute Sound, a music magazine whose cover recently proclaimed " The LP Lives ."
  12. These upgraded versions of the Ceramique were very popular among customers, companies but also reviewers, which rewarded Kharma with a Golden Ear Award and The Absolute Sound Award for Upper End Loudspeaker in 2002 both for the Ceramique 3.2.
  13. The success of " Stereophile " in the late 1960s and early 1970s inspired New York writer & reviewer Harry Pearson to start a rival publication, The Absolute Sound, which quickly became a very influential high-end magazine.
  14. "Hi-Fi Choice " reviewers voted the LP12 " the most important hi-fi component ever sold in the UK " and " The Absolute Sound " ranked it the second most significant turntable of all time in 2011.
  15. :: Your hi-fi is displaying " relative " decibels ( decibels of attenuation ); absent a calibration microphone ( which some high-end receivers provide ), there's no way it can know the absolute sound pressure being produced.
  16. Robert Harley of " The Absolute Sound " wrote, in a 2008 editorial ( on Issue 183 ), that : " . . . blind listening tests fundamentally distort the listening process and are worthless in determining the audibility of a certain phenomenon ."
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