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  1. Consciousness is the dialogue between the thalamus and the cerebral cortex.
  2. The thalamus and superior colliculus are connected via lateral geniculate nucleus.
  3. Many different functions are linked to various regions of the thalamus.
  4. In contrast, damage to the thalamus can result in coma.
  5. The second-order neurons send their axons to the thalamus.
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  7. The third order neurons arise from thalamus to the postcentral gyrus.
  8. The thalamus then innervates the cortical division of the limbic forebrain.
  9. This is what made possible a solid partition of the thalamus.
  10. The anterior nuclei of the thalamus display functions pertaining to memory.
  11. If all these measures fail patients are candidates for thalamus surgery.
  12. A unique characteristic of olfaction is its independence from the thalamus.
  13. Neurons display, beyond cortical inhibitory interneurons and in thalamus neurons.
  14. The olfactory bulb has been said to be the olfactory thalamus.
  15. The thalamus and the cortex are thus connected in a special way.
  16. The thalamus then sends signals to the visual cortex for full analysis.
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