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  1. To supply the textile makers, local textile machine companies sprang up.
  2. Also many textile machines might be shortened to just a few spindles.
  3. The company was founded October, 1949 as textile machine manufacturer Hiroshima Spinner, Limited.
  4. Equally impressive is the list of spinning and textile machines produced by Hartmann's business.
  5. He had enough money, he needed textile machines but he could not speak any foreign languages.
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  7. Shanghai Erfangji Co ., which makes textile machines, rose 6 percent to 21.2 cents.
  8. The textile machine company and industrial village were written up as one of the Harvard studies of history in business.
  9. Rieter Holding AG, a Swiss textile machine maker, said it will report higher 1995 net profit as sales increased 24 percent.
  10. The Textile Machine Factory looks as though its walls haven't been painted nor its machinery updated since it opened in 1958.
  11. The Whitin Machine works at Whitinsville, Massachusetts, established in 1831, became the world's largest manufacturer of textile machines.
  12. Rieter Group, a Swiss textile machine maker, said 1995 net profit rose 29 percent, buoyed by higher sales and cost cutting.
  13. Rieter Group, a Swiss textile machine maker, said 1995 net profit rose 29 percent, buoyed by higher sales and cost-cutting.
  14. Your manifesto brings to mind the Luddites, those marauding bands of early 19th-century English craftsmen who smashed the textile machines which had displaced them.
  15. He was engaged to be married to Molly Leech, who was 22 years old and worked in the offices of a textile machine manufacturer in Altrincham.
  16. Common applications include textile machines, potentiometers, CVTs ( continuously variable transmissions ), window shade panel drives, mechanical presses and high torque hydraulic engines.
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