term of imprisonment in a sentence

"term of imprisonment" in Chinese  
  1. Burke's health never recovered from his term of imprisonment.
  2. The maximum term of imprisonment it may impose is seven years.
  3. Most of their members were sentenced to long terms of imprisonment.
  4. Coates was sentenced to a term of imprisonment for eighteen months.
  5. He was sentenced to a twelve-month term of imprisonment.
  6. It's difficult to find term of imprisonment in a sentence.
  7. He maintained regular communication with Kent throughout her term of imprisonment.
  8. A term of imprisonment is justified and appropriate in this case ."
  9. The Court of Appeal confirmed an eight-year term of imprisonment.
  10. R鯿kel and Bakunin were captured and sentenced to lengthy terms of imprisonment.
  11. He was subsequently sentenced to a term of imprisonment for her manslaughter.
  12. He received a further two-year term of imprisonment.
  13. Therefore we are giving a fixed term of imprisonment.
  14. The rest were sentenced to various terms of imprisonment.
  15. This carries a $ 25 fine and may include a term of imprisonment.
  16. The normal sentence would have been a term of imprisonment of several years.
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