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  1. The forest is tropical dry deciduous in nature, dominated by teak ( Tectona grandis ).
  2. The larvae have been recorded feeding on " Tectona grandis " and " Mallotus " species.
  3. This consist mainly of Tectona grandis, Ain, Tiwas, Aola, Lendia, Dhawada, Kusum are the important tree species.
  4. Vegetation : The natural vegetation is tropical dry forest, with scattered teak " ( Tectona grandis ) " forests.
  5. It is historically important because of first time teak ( " Tectona grandis " ) plantation in Bangladesh was started from this area.
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  7. The forest of Ratapani is dry deciduous and moist deciduous type, with teak ( " Tectona grandis " ) as the main tree species.
  8. Teak ( Tectona grandis ), and associated species such as Madhuca indica, Diospyros melanoxylon, Terminalia tomentosa, Buchanania lanzan, Lagerstroemia parviflora, Ougeinia dalbergoides, Miliusa velutina and Lannea coromandalica, occur on flat terrain.
  9. The woodland section is equally impressive with trees like Sapindus Emarginatus ( Reetha ), Pterocarpus Marsupium ( Sandalwood ), Dabergia Sissoo ( Sheesham wood ), and Tectona Grandis ( Teakwood ).
  10. Some non-native species such as Tectona grandis ( Teak ) and Gmelina arborea ( Pulp wood ) have been introduced into the ecosystem and are being extensively grown in several large forest plantations.
  11. The natural vegetation of the Central Indian Highlands is dominated by the peninsular sal ( " Shorea robusta " ) forests in the east and teak ( " Tectona grandis " ) forests in the west.
  12. "Tectona grandis " is found in a variety of habitats and climatic conditions from arid areas with only 500 mm of rain per year to very moist forests with up to 5, 000 mm of rain per year.
  13. Nowadays, the Brunca have cultivated plant species that are native to Southeast Asia for dying purposes, such as " Curcuma longa " and " Tectona grandis ", illustrating that the TEK has spread drastically over the past 40 years.
  14. There are many types of wood that have been positively identified : teak ( " Tectona grandis " ) was used for the through-beams and is resilient to the Leguminosae family ( now called the Fabaceae ) and either the " Dalbergia " or " Pterocarpus " genus.
  15. The district contained extensive forests, and the government preserved a section known is the Punasa forest, which extended for about 120 miles ( 190 km ) along the south bank of the Narmada, home to forests of teak ( " Tectona grandis " ), sain ( " Terminalia tomentosa " ) and anjan ( " Hardwickia binata " ) trees.
  16. According to the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia, most of the plants which have become the targets of smugglers belong to protected species, such as Labisia Pumila or locally known as Kachip Fatimah, Ficus Deltoides ( Serapat Angin ), Freycinetia Montana ( Pandan Tikus ), Neobalano Carpus ( Chengal ), Kombasia Malaccensis ( Kempas ) and Tectona Grandis ( Jati ).
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