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  1. Today, every Pap smear is examined by a human technologist.
  2. Eustace Hall, age 65, is a retired medical technologist.
  3. A rubber technologist, he has been jobless for a year.
  4. Seven of the technologists meeting at Harvard are candidates, too.
  5. And no one should count on the technologists to police themselves.
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  7. Mirth Treston, a medical technologist at the bank said Tuesday.
  8. Certification is managed by the Saskatchewan Applied Science Technologists & Technicians.
  9. Usually, a Technologist is required to have a Bachelors Degree.
  10. The NICET Engineering Technologist Certification is therefore a limited access membership.
  11. Peter Shell became a medical lab technologist in the US Army.
  12. It was the first VLSI design textbook for non-technologists.
  13. Hence the idea of sending technologists back to school is unnecessary.
  14. They also provide supervision of patient care technicians and surgical technologists.
  15. Not a technologist as I am, but a game designer.
  16. Technologists know this and are trying to help _ in their fashion.
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