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  1. Some card issuers have developed electronic techniques for spotting unusual activity.
  2. I don't proclaim to have the technique ."
  3. The details of technique are the furthest thing from their mind.
  4. The grilling technique is also very simple, and very forgiving.
  5. This technique should virtually eliminate the necessity of using donor sperm.
  6. It's difficult to find technique in a sentence.
  7. In 1948, Bean called his predicting technique the Bean Poll.
  8. The glazing technique is simple, but some complications can develop.
  9. Both sides have called for further study of the new technique.
  10. Quarterback Ramon Flanigan remembers Rossley's techniques on the road.
  11. But mining techniques aren't the only problem in Siberia.
  12. We work more on technique and on simply catching the ball.
  13. He does acknowledge that his receiving technique is different, however.
  14. It combines boxing techniques and equipment with high-speed aerobics.
  15. People were always asking Billy questions about his technique . ..
  16. Now it's an almost universal identification technique ."
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