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  1. The oil from the rind is sprayed on the tea leaves.
  2. The popularity of canned and bottled teas has two major causes.
  3. It was quite sweet, but the tea flavor came through.
  4. Best Health's All Natural Gourmet Iced Tea With Lemon.
  5. Tea flavor nearly washed away by high tide of fructose syrup.
  6. It's difficult to find tea in a sentence.
  7. Light, herbal, sweet-- everything but tea flavor.
  8. Lipton Original All Natural Diet Iced Tea, Natural Lemon Flavor.
  9. Goggi is fascinated by the cultural differences in tea, too.
  10. An ever-so-proper tea is served every afternoon.
  11. Tea Rose is a fragrance favored by pre-adolescent girls.
  12. Not exactly every postmodern woman's porcelain cup of tea.
  13. At my side is a cup of tea and a bagel.
  14. You don't have to invite Saddam home for tea.
  15. But, again, they seemed to pick their tea leaves.
  16. She thinks the tea is flavored with rose petals and vanilla.
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