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  1. He also became an assiduous collector of art and of tea caddies.
  2. Special lidded boxes containing tea bowl, tea caddy, tea scoop and other equipment.
  3. Earlier tea caddies were made of either porcelain or faience.
  4. They are used to scoop tea from the tea caddy into the tea bowl.
  5. They used thin gauge tea caddies, jugs, salvers, salt cellars, wine labels, trays and ink wells.
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  7. "But to touch George Washington's tea caddy or hold John Brown's rifle brings it all home ."
  8. We collect tea caddies and corsets, baseball cards and Limoges, and yes, mammy cookie jars and slave documents.
  9. The tea caddy illustrated shows many of the characteristics of blue and white porcelain produced during the Kangxi period.
  10. The 1967 design by Trude Petri is based on the tea caddy she created in 1930 for the URBINO service.
  11. Until about 1800 they were called tea canisters rather than caddies . A Nineteenth century tea caddy with its own stand
  12. Afterward, the guests paused to admire the craftsmanship of the bowls, the tea caddy and the water jar at the master's side.
  13. Larger scoops are used to transfer tea into the tea caddy in the mizuya ( preparation area ), but these are not seen by guests.
  14. After Roderick died, the trust sold several items from inside the house including a George III sycamore tea caddy and ivory and horn-veneered miniature chess table.
  15. In its early years the company made articles such as workboxes and tea caddies with prints of popular views; later items had pictures created from mosaics.
  16. If the sieved matcha is to be served at a Japanese tea ceremony, then it will be placed into a small tea caddy known as a chaki.
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