tea brewing in a sentence

  1. In the universe of tea brewing, that's practically cause for celebration.
  2. Upon entering each home was the unforgettable and ultimate aroma of Russian Tea brewing.
  3. Infusing spirits with herbs, fruit, nuts and grains is as old as tea brewing.
  4. In addition, the Centre organises courses in tea brewing, Ikebana, and Japanese language.
  5. The rain falls on frozen ground, and the barnyard looks medieval, a vile compost tea brewing in every puddle.
  6. It's difficult to find tea brewing in a sentence.
  7. Sweet tea is made by adding sugar to bags of black tea brewing in hot water while the mixture is still hot.
  8. This standard is not meant to define the proper method for brewing tea, but rather how to document the tea brewing procedure so sensory comparisons can be made.
  9. An important aspect of the Russian tea culture is the ubiquitous Russian tea brewing device known as a samovar, which has become a symbol of hospitality and comfort.
  10. It includes aspects of tea production, tea brewing, tea arts and ceremony, society, history, health, ethics, education, and communication and media issues.
  11. Room service has just delivered a large tray with several containers and cups, and Sinise makes a loud rattle of finding the hot water and the bags and getting the tea brewing.
  12. Traditional forms of Russian tea ware include the Russian tea brewing urn called a samovar, the Lomonosov tea sets adorned with a cobalt blue net design and 22 karat gold, and traditional Russian tea glass holders.
  13. "Shooting " of the anvil, music, crafters and demonstrations of old-time activities such as sassafras tea brewing, sheep herding and rail splitting . 423-494-7680 or 423-494-0514.
  14. A second endorsement for Tea Fort?s KATI Tea Brewing System was chosen as one of Oprah's Favorite Things in the 2011 edition of " O, The Oprah Magazine " as picked by Dr . Mehmet Oz.
  15. A few minutes later, still uncombed and barely conscious, I've schlepped into the kitchen, set a pot of cinnamon-stick tea brewing, and slipped a couple of pieces of honey bread into the 1920's vintage swing-sided toaster.
  16. THE AMBIENCE : You wouldn't know the spa is right next to Key Lime Pie's bustling retail store, it's so quiet, with walls draped in heavy, neutral fabrics, dim lights, hot tea brewing and pastries on the coffee table.
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