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  1. The mutual interests go far beyond issues of budget and taxation.
  2. Taxation without representation is an insult they live with every day.
  3. Interest, dividends and capital gains would be exempt from taxation.
  4. "It's impossible to go further with taxation.
  5. -the taxation of family allowances and other benefits hitherto untaxed;
  6. It's difficult to find taxation in a sentence.
  7. I want to stop using income as the base of taxation,
  8. It also would offer two varieties of flat, business taxation.
  9. This is what caused the American Revolution : taxation without representation.
  10. High taxation is a big challenge to many, Lo says.
  11. Moreover, it would significantly change the current corporate taxation system.
  12. It is rare to find a taxation scheme so blatantly discriminatory.
  13. Unlike the Socialists, they favor higher taxation and government spending.
  14. And, they argue, the proposal amounts to double taxation.
  15. The difference is that taxation stunts economic growth but smoking kills.
  16. Several commissioners expressed skepticism about allowing any taxation of Internet sales.
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