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  1. Adama Tamboura would score Mali's second penalty handing them the advantage.
  2. He was briefly a member of the krautrock band tamboura on the albums Hosianna Mantra and Seligpreisung.
  3. At the Mercury, Cornershop had an uncommon lineup : two drummers, a sitar and synthesizer player, a tamboura player and Singh.
  4. Lorber s ethereal orchestration is complimented by Collin Walcott s tamboura and a piano, which adds the highlights usually reserved for Arnold s electric guitar.
  5. Accompanied by Karaikkuddi Subramaniam on vina, Lalitha Sankaran on tamboura and Andrew Timar on kanjira, Trichy offers raga cycles that are hypnotically built up and resolved.
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  7. For the album's title track, " tamboura on several tracks, including " Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds " and " Getting Better ".
  8. Complementing the usual rock instrumental lineup are the sarod ( a stringed instruments that makes a droning sound ), the tamboura ( tambourine ) and tabla ( drums ).
  9. Founded in about 1240 by a Diawando slave named Beydari Tamboura, Nioro attained its greatest height in the eighteenth century when it served as the capital of the Sudan.
  10. String sections, Horn sections, Brass, Woodwinds, Sitars, Tamboura, Harpsichord and Stylophones all feature prominently and are married to intricate pop and rock songwriting arrangements.
  11. Melancholy cellos and violins are everywhere _ haunting piano parts, darkening anguished melodies, swirling with tamboura and harmonium, double bass and dobro in a wistful, propulsive hush.
  12. It is a true follow on from the original " Magic Carpet " album, with its simple acoustic instrumentation-guitar, sitar, tabla, tamboura, and Appalachian dulcimer.
  13. The line-up consisted of Alisha ( vocals, guitar ), Clem Alford ( sitar, esraj, tamboura ), Jim Moyes ( guitar ) and Keshav Sathe tabla, Indian percussion.
  14. Also, the mashup track " Within You Without You / Tomorrow Never Knows " uses reversed cymbals, as well as reversing one of the tamboura riffs from " Within You Without You ."
  15. The equalizer was an own goal by Mali defender Adama Tamboura, who was apparently attempting to clear a crossing pass when he instead headed the ball into the upper right corner of his own net.
  16. The critics have flipped over the group that marries rock with hip-hop, electric guitar with sitar and harmonium, funk with tamboura and dholki, and English lyrics with Punjabi chants, all underscored by a dance beat.
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