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  1. Tamber's weapon of choice is the bow.
  2. Tamber Tisdale made 42 saves in the game, as the Ravens claimed victory in the shootout.
  3. Firefighters found the tiny bodies of Tamber, Timber and Kelsey Heady with the residue of a playpen melted around them.
  4. The four main characters of " Children of Mana " are Ferrik, Tamber, Poppen, and Wanderer.
  5. Tamber is a sixteen-year-old girl, with a sense of truth and justice, and an air of maturity about her.
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  7. :" Hurley's wholly instrumental pieces play at the edges of perception working at the limits of what can be detected in fine changes of volume, tamber, or pitch.
  8. Lt . Tamber maintained normal radio contacts with the mainland and encouraged the despatch of colliers to collect coal, but detained them with the expectation that they would, in fact, sail to Britain.
  9. Also killed were Roy Lee Heady, 20, and his wife Amy, 18, of Artesia, and their three daughters, 22-month-old Kelsey and 6-month-old twins Timber and Tamber.
  10. Six members of the Heady, Smith and Sumler families, including Heady's 6-month-old twins, Timber and Tamber, and the twins'22-month-old sister, Kelsey, died at the campsite.
  11. Among those killed was Roy Lee Heady, 20, of Carlsbad, N . M . and his daughters, 22-month-old Kelsy and 6-month-old twins Timber and Tamber, said Richard Heady, the girls'grandfather.

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