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  1. Dubbed as the " Golden West " in the 1960s and early 1970s, Bani lies between Tambac Bay and West Philippine Sea.
  2. Sitio Tambac ( Central Area of Bayog ) is the site and place in which the enthronement or crowning ceremony of the Sultan of Bayog will be held.
  3. Baybay, on the other hand, covers barangays along or near the coastline, consisting of Tambac, Poblacion, Pinamuk-an, Polo, Cawayan, Ochando, Fatima and Dumaguit.
  4. Identified places with severe flooding hazards are Barangays of : Damawato, Bual, Popoyon, Tambac, Bagumbayan, Minapan and Dungos giving a total of 1, 200 hectares more or less with an equivalent of 3.43 % of the total area.
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