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  1. Berbers have long sought official recognition for their language, Tamazight.
  2. Tamazight nouns are inflected for gender, number, and state.
  3. Many Arabic loans have been integrated into the Tamazight verb lexicon.
  4. Their Amazigh dialect is related to the Tamazight of the Atlas mountains.
  5. Moreover, Tamazight has a greater amount of internal diversity than Shilha.
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  7. Central Atlas Tamazight verbs are heavily inflected, being marked for metathesis.
  8. Central Morocco Tamazight is the second Berber language in Morocco.
  9. "TV Tamazight 4 " is an Algerian public national television channel.
  10. Instrument used is Loutar . and the language is Central Atlas Tamazight.
  11. "Tamazight in school, " read one banner among mourners.
  12. People are angry, but you must understand their frustration because Tamazight is marginalized,
  13. The agency has official international services in five languages : Spanish, and Tamazight.
  14. A substantial minority speak the Figuig Tamazight, principally in the south of Oriental.
  15. Central Atlas Tamazight's personal pronouns distinguish three persons, and two genders.
  16. "Berb鑢e T閘関ision " is a Tv channel broadcasting on Tamazight language from Montreuil.
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