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  1. Almost all of it has been overtaken by the tamarisk weed.
  2. Tamarisks are characterized by slender branches and grey-green foliage.
  3. Dominant vegetation includes cottonwood, willow, ash, and tamarisk.
  4. The single-track continued to skirt the river overgrown with tamarisk.
  5. Invasive species include tumbleweeds, certain thistles, dandelions, and tamarisk.
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  7. The beach of Alyki is wide and sandy, with tamarisk trees.
  8. He described many species including the biological Northern Tamarisk Beetle.
  9. Four weeks after his Guineas defeat, Tamarisk ran in a Lingfield.
  10. Tamarisk started 13 / 2 for the Group One Haydock in September.
  11. Introduced Tamarisk trees are an invasive species in these areas.
  12. cottonwood, willow, and non-native tamarisk.
  13. To some, Tamarix parviflora, or tamarisk, is a beautiful Asian plant.
  14. During floods, tamarisk can survive submerged in water for up to three months.
  15. Other courses being used at Bermuda Dunes, Indian Wells and Tamarisk country clubs.
  16. Access is via walking tracks on Tamarisk Drive, Excelsior Drive and Warrawee Circuit.
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