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  1. Tracking down the source of tainted food has also been difficult.
  2. For that reason, the appointment of Starr is fatally tainted.
  3. They tainted the minds of 50 million people with those statements,
  4. That ex parte communication has tainted the proceedings at this stage.
  5. Giuliani is crying foul, charging that the criticism is tainted.
  6. It's difficult to find tainted in a sentence.
  7. Is there anything tainted about this record-in-making?
  8. Garcia Velasquez's opponents say her legacy is already tainted.
  9. Celester stepped aside from a force whose credibility is badly tainted.
  10. Mortgages have been tainted in many parts of the investment community.
  11. When Greg Louganis came out, it was tainted by commercialism.
  12. They are tainted toward an ideologically extreme position on the right.
  13. Deutch has also issued new rules about hiring tainted foreign agents.
  14. Her cattle have been sickened by drinking oil-tainted water.
  15. The company suffered from a scandal involving tainted meat in 1992.
  16. Prosecutors argued repeatedly Wednesday that the trial had not been tainted.
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