taint in a sentence

"taint" meaning  "taint" in Chinese  
  1. If you lose the game, that will really taint it.
  2. There is a bit of scriptwriting laziness that taints the story.
  3. Never serve in plastic cups, which can taint the taste.
  4. The taint of financial self-interest is more than hypothetical.
  5. There is an unfortunate taint of money politics surrounding the decision.
  6. It's difficult to find taint in a sentence.
  7. Mere possession of eyeglasses was prima facie evidence of capital taint.
  8. I would never want to taint their memory of the movie,
  9. High investment fees and the taint of speculation further reduces interest.
  10. That can taint the minds of those in the jury pool.
  11. The taint of what has already happened is considerable and prejudicial,
  12. It's finally getting the taint it deserves ."
  13. The experience helped taint the Louvre's painting as well.
  14. Even if they don't, it taints the fish.
  15. "The taint is there, " he said.
  16. The three walks kind of taint the one-hit thing,
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