tains in a sentence

"tains" in Chinese  
  1. The Smithsonian main tains that the telescope won't be visible to surrounding property.
  2. One small valley con tains more than 250 cave churches with ornate religious murals painted by monks.
  3. Examples include airplanes, ships, tains, and space vehicles including International Space Station, MIR, the Herschel Spacecraft.
  4. These systems, combining TERCOM and inertial navigation, are sometimes known as "'TAINS "', for TERCOM-Aided Inertial Navigation System.
  5. What swordplay the movie con tains is unsatisfactory compared with the brilliantly staged fight scenes of Richard Lester's master pieces, The Three Musketeers and The Four Musketeers.
  6. It's difficult to find tains in a sentence.
  7. Her husband is less optimistic about a vaccine, although he main tains that all the genetic research going on will lead to treatments tailored to each patient within the next five years.
  8. If not every student supported the demon strations, and if not every demon strator was sincere about changing society and not just getting out of biology lab, there was a core of sincere radicals who moved moun tains with their marches, accelerated the cause of civil rights and helped end a particularly nasty war.
  9. For example a train leaves the station every half hour, this is a good time, because there is never to longer time between trains leaving, without clogging up the system with too many tains on the same route, to maintain this level of service, they would have to leave every 0.2833333 or something hours, which is just annoyingly awkward.

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