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"taino" meaning  "taino" in Chinese  
  1. He'll face Taino today at 11 a . m.
  2. Taino said of Witt's first-set service break.
  3. By 1515 there were fewer than 20, 000 Taino left.
  4. Taino opened the scoring with a header in the 60th minute.
  5. By 1530 there were 1148 Taino left alive in Puerto Rico.
  6. It's difficult to find taino in a sentence.
  7. Consequently, Taino bloodlines have begun appearing in the coastal towns.
  8. Taino's win prevented an all-Bryan semifinal.
  9. Taino never felt he was in the match until the third set.
  10. Taino refused to use the bee sting as an excuse.
  11. Martin didn't twist Taino's arm to come back.
  12. Quisqueya is the Taino Indian name for the Dominican Republic.
  13. And indeed, the Taino presence lives on in America.
  14. Only Taino nobles were allowed to have such figures in their homes.
  15. Three Kings : http : / / taino . com / ReyesMagos/
  16. The Taino word for this device was " barbacoa ".
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